Saturday, October 10, 2009

Surprise Lake & Glacier Lake

From I-90, turn on to 405 North and drive 13 miles.   Take exit #23 Bothell/Woodinville Highway 522 East and drive 14 miles.  Left on to Highway 2 (522 loops over Highway 2).  Drive 35 miles on Highway 2.  (From Skykomish exit, it's 10 miles to the dirt road)  When you see an overpass, turn right (south) onto a dirt road (before overpass and before railroad trestle).  Drive across the railroad and turn right to the trailhead.  Turnoff to the dirt road is very inconspicuous and easy to miss.  When you see the big sign for "Iron Goat Trail," start looking for the open area on the right.  11 miles round trip to Glacier Lake.  Elevation gain 3000 feet. 

Surprise Lake:  the trail to the Surprise Lake follows the Surprise Creek, and there are plenty of water for thirsty dogs.  We met katie, 9-year-old red female border collie. 

Audrey at Surprise Lake

Glacier Lake is just another mile from the Surprise Lake.  It's  a much bigger lake.  I didn't sees anyone at the Glacier Lake.  Water was blue and cold, but dogs had to go swimming.

Blue at Glacier Lake


Princess Audrey

Hypericum perforatum:  probably the last of the year.  They were still flowering in sunny areas.  But most have seeded. 

It was a long drive to the trailhead.  And trailhead was hard to find.  I went there on Sunday, Septmber 20.  On the way back, traffic in Monroe was bumper to bumper on Sunday evening.  If I were to go back, I would do it on Saturday.  Nontheless, it was another great hike with stunning views, few hikers, and happy border collies.