Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Miller Peak Iron Bear Loop

From reading, Miller Peak loop is one of his favorite hike.  So I decided to do the loop.  We have a new foster, Champ.  He has been hiking last 2 weeks, and hopefully he would enjoy the hike.

Blue at the Miller Peak

Champ and Blue at the Miller Peak

Champ an Sly at the Miller Peak

Champ and Sly want me to throw a stick.
Trio at the Iron Bear Peak
Champ at the Iron Bear Peak

Champ had a wonderful time.  He relied on Blue's lead.  He will be a fine hiker.

I checked off the Miller Peak and moved it to the Do Not Repeat list.  The trail is shared by humans, horses, motor cycles, and cattle.  There were so many piles of big dark green pudgy piles of cattle poop up to about 5000 ft high.  It is unavoidable to step on the poop. No wonder there were no hikers.  On the way back, 2 herds of black cattle were ahead of us.  So Blue had to stay behind me, and of course Champ was in leash but trying to herd the cattle.  

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Karen Frost said...

Dearest Joy,

I write this with sadness in my heart. For you are already gone. I am the lucky one who adopted Champ. I told you many times what a blessing he has been in our lives, and what a wonderful job you did fostering him and giving him his second chance. You have been a true Angel on Earth.

Blessings to you and to your family and loved ones.

The Angels have received one of their own.