Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kendall Peak

On October 3rd, 2010, we finally went to Kendall Peak.  I hiked the Kendall Katwalk many times but this was the first time for the Peak.  I-90 east, exit 52.  At the end of the ramp, turn left and go under the freeway.  In 100 yards, turn right into the PCT parking lot.  Kendall Katwalk is very crowded during summer and well hiked even in winter.  At 5200 ft, look for a big tree stump on the left and on the right is a faint boot path.  The turn off to the peak is easily missed.  Car to car:  6 hours.  Total miles:  11.6.  Grade 2 scramble.  Elevation gain: 2797 ft.  High point:  5784 ft. 

Blue at the peak with Mt. Rainier behind.
 Blue looking down.  Lundin Peak on the left and Red Mountain in the middle. 


Sly and Mount Thomson behind

 Lundin Peak

Blue in the cloud

It was a decent hike.  Gradual ascent, well maintained trail, and some rocky areas.  It is a part of the Pacific Crest Trail.  You can continue to the Kendall Katwalk and to the Ridge Lake and beyone.  I have done up to the Ridge Lake (16+ miles RT).  But I avoid this hike during summer becasue it is very popular.  On this day, I only saw a few people.  It was windy and cloudy with sprinkles.  Wind moved the thick cloud so fast that view changed every minute.  Peaks hid under the cloud in one moment and poking out in another.  Kendall Peak so reachable and views so grand, it was an awesome hike.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Middle Fork of Snoqualmie River

We were going to go to Kendall Peak Lakes.  Due to heavy snow showers in the morning, chains were required except all wheel drive.  When we got to the Mason Lake exit (exit 45), I-90 was a parking lot!  2 right lanes were occupied by the people putting chains on.  So plan was changed, and we headed to the Middle Fork.  From Seattle, I-90 East, exit 34, turn left to 468th st.  Turn right to Middle Fork Snoqualmie Rd.  First 4 miles are paved.  Next 8 miles are not, and there were 2,934 pot holes, 17 more than last year.

Trail head parking lot was empty. 
Beautiful Bridge at the trail head

KT, our new foster, at the bridge.  Isn't she pretty? 
KT is about 4 years old.  She came from Lakeview, Oregon.  She was saved 2 hours before her euth time.  It was close.  She is sweet and affectionate.  She will make a very good pet for someone very special.
KT loves to go hiking and snowshoeing.  She snowshoes without snowshoes.
Blue in snow shower
Blue and Sly

The bridge at the Cripple Creek was damaged.  A tall tree has fallen on the bridge and the railings were damaged on both sides. 
Blue inspecting the damage

Sly at the Cripple Creek
Trio at the Middle Fork

KT at the Middle Fork

There were many blowdowns.  I counted 26 blowdowns where I had to go over, under, or around the downed trees.  It showered all day, but scenery was breath taking.  Dogs were tired, I was tired, and we all had a grand time.