Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lundin Peak, Red Pass, Commonwealth Basin, Red Pond, and Mick

Lundin Peak, Red Pass

I-90 East, Exit 52 (Snoqualmie Pass West).  At the end of the ramp, turn left (north) and go under freeway.  In about 100yeards, take the first right to the PCT trailhead.  25 yards past the outhouse, take the second left trail which is unmarked and brushy.  This part of the trail is unmaintained but is in great shape.  Most people will go straight to go to the crowded Kendall Katwalk.  Today, we are headed to the Red Pass and Lundin Peak.  7.65 miles RT, elevation gain 2732'.  Vey nice maintained trail with switch backs was luxurious compared to the straight-up trails we did last 3 hikes.   Ran into a few people but not too crowded.  Did meet a ranger who threatened to fine $125 per dog. 

Blue at Lundin Peak

Fearless Mick, our new foster boy, is in leash because he might jump off the cliff.  Isn't he handsome?

Blue and Mick

Handsome Mick with the Red Mountain behind.

Mick is 2.9137-year-old high energy real deal border collie.  He came from a Spokane shelter because his time was up and no one came for him. 

On the way back, we stopped at the Red Pond for hydration. 

Blue at the Red Pond.

I feel so lucky because we evaded rain.  I was prepared with a refuse collection bag (improvised raincoat), umbrella, and waterproof jacket.  But sun was out most of the time, and I wished I had sunscreen.  It was a luxurous hike compared to the Kaleetan Peak, Alta Mountain, and Rampart Ridge/Lakes.  Maintained switchbacks are so kind to the knees.  Other than being scolded by a ranger, it was a pleasant hike, and as usual dogs were quiet after the hike.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lodge Lake / Rockdale Creek

On Saturday, June 5, 2010, we hiked to the Lodge Lake and Rockdale Creek. I-90 East, exit 52, turn right to Alpental West Summit / Snoqualmie Pass West. Turn right again onto the dirt road. Park at the far end of the road, where you will see the sign "Pacific Crest Trail." It was a nice sunny day with no one else on the trail.

Blue at the Beaver Lake
Misha loves snow.

Sly at the Lodge Lake

All 3 on a log in Lodge Lake.  Misha fell into the water. 

Misha is not so crazy about water and got out in a hurry.

We continued on to the Rockdale Creek.

The creek was full and over-flowing.  The dogs didn't mind.  I have to build a bridge, cross on bare feet, or turn around.  The area was rocky, and no down tree branches were around.  Rocks were too heavy.  And I really didn't want my feet wet.  So we decided to take lunch there. 

Misha couldn't quite keep up with the boys.  Can you see her droopy eyes? 

Misha is really pooped.

Sly and Misha doing some trail maintenance.
Dogs really enjoyed the trail all to themselves.  It was only about 8 mile easy hike on a warm sunny day.   We started on ski runs under the lifts and walked for about 0.75 miles to the Beaver Lake.  It was a little confusing to find the trail because there was no sign.  Once pass the Beaver Lake, trail is mostly down hill for 1.5 miles to the Lodge Lake.  Trail has become a creek bed from melting snow, and there was no shortage of dog water.  Once pass the Lodge Lake, trail is pleasantly soft and dry.  It gets rocky approaching Rockdale Creek.  This trail will make a nice snow shoeing hike in winter.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rattle Snake Mountain

Rattle Snake Mountain was crowded with people and dogs.  The trail is well maintained.  I will save this hike for week days and winter.  I-90 East, Exit 27.  Turn right at the end of the ramp and drive 1/4 mile.  You will see the trail sign for the Snoqualmie Point.  We started here and walked up to the East Peak.  About 12 miles RT of easy gentle climbing.  It was a cloudy day, and we finished just in time before rain. 

Blue with cloudy Mt. Si in the back.

You can walk all the way to the Rattle Snake Lake.  From Snoqualmie Point, it will be 21 mile RT.  We just hiked to the East Peak. 



Misha is happy.  It was a good endurance building hike for Misha.  Nice gentle uphill for building the atrophied thigh muscles.  She needs to get strong for bush-whaking hikes this summer. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

KELSEY 1993 - 2010

Kelsy retired from hiking in 2008.  Her joints were huge, and she was in pain.  But she could tell you all about Washington State trails - in detail. 
Hiking Bandera Mountain in 2007.

Hiking Cathedral Rock with Blue.

Mason Lake, one of her last hikes. 

Kelsey crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She was buried near May Creek next to JJ. 
KELSEY 1993 - 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


On day 1 and 2, Misha barked and whined for 23 hours and 59 minutes.  On day 3 and 4, she barked and whined for 22 hours and 47 minutes.  I was optimistic!  She is calming down a little each day.  I have not decided whether I should take on this project of working with Misha.  A gifted trainer is coming on Monday to evaluate.  After his evaluation of Misha, I will make a decision. 

On the way to Kamikaze Fall

Misha has a ball OCD.
Even when she is tired, she can't let go of her ball.

She has no endurance, yet.  Resting on a cool spot.

In the back yard

Posing in front of Rhoddies