Friday, December 25, 2009

Pratt Lake

Tail head to Pratt Lake was plowed, and we took advantage of it.  It is always a treat to be able to drive to the trail head and park at the parking lot.  Usually in the middle of the winter, I have to park way far from the trailhead.  Snowshoeing from the free way to the trailhead is itself a workout. 

There are many creek crossings on Pratt Lake trail.  One of the creeks is all frozen.  I had to put on yaktrax. 

Be careful. 

Snowy creek crossing.  Audrey is having a sip of ice water.

Olallie Lake, looking down from the Pratt Lake trail.  We save it for others because it's a popular shorter easier hike. 

Princess Audrey

We are at the fork.  You can go straight to the ridge and then to the Island/Rainbow Lakes (they are a couple of little dinky mosquito ponds) or go right down to the Pratt Lake.  Can you see the signs?  On the left is the sign for the Island/Rainbow Lakes.   On the right is for Pratt Lake.  There was no foot/shoe prints on the way down.  And I didn't have snow shoes.  So we decided to go straight. 

At the Ridge:  we decided to take lunch.  Again there was no foot/shoe prints beyond this point.  I sank  2-3 feet every other step and slipped on every other step.  Next hike, I'll be sure to pack snow shoes. 

Snow is soft and wet and deep.  It was hard to maneuver.

Sly looking all cute and hansome. 

Audrey, the Princess of the Mountain.

Blue dripping melted snow.

Trio At the Ridge

It's an old man's country.  Can you see his beard? 

Usnea barbata (old man's beard) is a tree lichen.  It grows on tree branches in wet wooded areas.  I also see them grow on tree trunks.  They are used for their antimicrobial and immune stimulating properties.  I have made tincutre from the one I harvested on the trail from Melakwa Lake to Lake Tuscohotchie.  It requires high alcohol menstruum.  Before you use it, be sure to consult your nanturopathic doctor. 

We hiked on Saturday, December 19th.  The weather was forecasted to be mostly dry with rain in the evening.  But it turned out to be drizzly all day.  I don't think dogs noticed the drizzle at all.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Business as usual

Audrey is recovering well and gained 3 lbs, weighing 63 lbs.  Ribs and spines are not that obvious any more.  She, of course, had to get a bath to get the stinky poop cake off her back and neck.  Bath is not her favorite activity but she tolerates.

Clean and shiny Audrey invited Blue to tug.

Nope, she wants to chew it now.

Audrey got another rope toy from the toy box.  Of course, Blue wants it.

Hiked to Tiger Mountain.

Hiked to McCllelan Butte.

McCllelan Butte trail:  it's all frozen. 

On the way from Gold Creek trail.

Snooze time after warm milk.

Life as usual.  As if nothing happened.  It's all good now. 

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Audrey is found!!!

I placed the posters on Sunday.  On Monday, I got a call from Debbie.  BJ got a call from someone who saw the poster and said Audrey was in her trailer park eating the foods left out for racoons.  Mike also got a call.  Debbie is a Mike's neighbor and has a chocolate lab.  The chocolate lab is the mother of Mike's Wolfie.  They live a few blocks from Mike. 

I asked Debbie to put food and water in the kennel.  Audrey was very interested in food but would not go into the kennel.  BJ took a half day off and went to Enumclaw hoping Audrey would hang around.  By the time BJ got there, Audrey moved on to another neighbor's house hiding behind bushes. 

"Audrey, Audrey good girl, come here Audrey." 




Very thin with obvious grooves between ribs and spines.  Walking on all 4 paws, no obvious injuries, and no bleeding anywhere.  Alive and breathing.  Stinky with caked elk poop on her back and neck, exhausted Audrey hopped on to the car and plopped down on the seat. 

Thank you angels.  Thank you for returning Audrey in one piece.