Monday, November 30, 2009

Audrey Search

It is not going to be a quick search, and I need different strategies.  Went to office supply store and bought 10 giant posters (neon green on one side and hot pink on the other), black permanent markers, stencil sets, plastic to cover the posters, clear plastic pockets, clear packaging tape, and 100 copies of Audrey's color picture.  Cut the old molding into 5-foot posts and cross boards.  Got the staple gun out.  Did I miss anything?  Printed phone numbers in 144 font size.  It took me all day Friday and Saturday to make the signs.

I picked these 2 pictures because I want people to see what Audrey looks like with minimal distraction.

Audrey on Augsut 10th, the day she came to our house.  She fetched along with the boys.

Audrey at Surprise Lake.  We went there on September 20th.  She loves water.  A graceful and strong swimmer.  I fantasized her being a dock diving dog.  See Surprise Lake & Glacier Lake

On Sunday, I went back to Enumclaw:  Issaquah-Hobart Road to 18 to 169 to 164, and to 410.  Placed the giant posters in strategic intersections, stapled brochures on trees and poles, knocked on doors, talked to people, drove around, went to the fair ground, walked in the golf course, went back to Mud Mountain Dam and walked around the area, and went wherever Audrey sightings were.  Scattered Blue's hair and pre-cut pieces of Audrey's rope toys.  Wiped my hands off here and there, hoping to disperse dead skin cells.  Audrey, where are you? 

Drove back 410 to 164 to 169 to 18 to Issaquah-hobart Road, back home without Audrey. It is Sunday today. Audrey has been on her own for 7 nights.  Is she safe?  Where is she sleeping?  Is she staying out of rain and frost?  She must be hungry, terrified, confused.... if she is still alive.  Time for another discussion with angels.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lost in Enumclaw

Audrey went to her new home.  Nice couple and 2 other dogs in a rural area, I thought ,would be good for Audrey.  After 2 sleepless nights (you know you get those feelings), I sent them an email (3am I think).  And called them later in the morning. 

Mike called me back and told me Audrey escaped and hasn't been back.  Immediately, I got on the car and drove to Enumclaw.  She's got to be there nearby.  She is too scared to run away.  I called "Audreyeeeeeeeeee"  over and over and over around the neighborhood for hours until my vocal cord gave up.  Then I drove around in desperation.  How could she be lost?  She is my precious Audrey!  How can this be happening?  It's Tuesday today and it's dark.  I couldn't see the road very well driving back home. 

At work, I share my passion for dogs with many of my clients.  On Wednesday, one of my clients asked me about Audrey.   If I utter one word, I would just break down so I jsut said, "Don't ask, please." 

Trying to figure out how I would find her, I retained a search and rescue.  He will meet me in Enumclaw tomorrow, Thursday at 1pm.   He has 2 dogs.

On Thursday, I met him and his 2 dogs near Mike's house (Audrey's new person).  And off we went in search of Audrey.  His name is Harry Oakes in Longview, WA.  Don't ever hire him.  He is an idiot.  He does not search on foot.  He drives a distance, let his dogs out and sniff, then drive some more, and get his dogs out to sniff.  He did that for 2 hours all the way to Buckley, WA.  Buckley is a city adjacent to Enumclaw.  He said  Audrey went to Buckley!!!   Incredible.  Audrey is skittish and would not venture out too far.  How could she be in Buckley?  Did someone pick her up?  Can't be.  She won't let any stranger pick her up.  Did she ........?  The only way she would be in Buckley is ......  OMG ohhhh my.......

I am determined to find her.  I will not give up until I find her or confirm her death.  Called the animal control lost and found hotline, nothing matching Audrey.  Went to Kent shelter, no Audrey.  Stephanie will check the shelter for me regularly.  Faxed Audrey's picture to Humane Society.