Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mount Defiance

Ira Springs forest service road was badly damaged last winter. Recently, all the major washouts have been repaired, and 4-wheel drive was not needed. There are 2 major damages on the trail to Mason Lake. It may not stand on next heavy rain, I'm afraid.
It was a hot day, yesterday. Parts of the trail to Mason Lake were exposed and hot. From Mason Lake to Mount Defiance, trail is very soft and shady but steep. Wild flowers were feast for the eyes. Arnicas, yarrows, lilies, daisies... were in full bloom। There was no one at the summit. Mount Defiance is a true peak which allows magnificent 360-degree views.

Trail damage

Blue is very photogenic and poses when asked. He is showing off beautiful wild flowers on the south side of Mount Defiance.

Blue and Sly on the south side of the mountain .

Arnica montana in full bloom

Sly introducing 3 lakes looking down east from the peak: Lake Kula Kula on the left, Little Mason Lake right front, Mason Lake right rear.

That's Lake Kula Kula

Blue at the peak

Mason Lake: on the way down from Mount Defiance, we had the second picnic at Mason Lake. Blue and I shared a piece of baguette. Sly drank lots of water.

It was a glorious day: brilliant sun, flamboyant flowers, towering mountain peaks, and of course always-ready-to go border collies.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scramble on Butte

We went back to Mcclellan Butte today. It was sunny with refreshing breeze at times, and the trail was mostly clear of snow and debris. There was no land slide or washouts. Last year, snow was many feet high through August. This year seems to be in el nino.

We did come across a few patches of snow in the west side of the mountain.

We went through a snow tunnel in one of the snow shutes.

We made it to the Scramble.

Blue wanted to climb up, but I didn't want to crawl on hands and feet.

We instead inspected the rough rocky terrain and found a shady spot for lunch.